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The Present - selceted areas in Aarhus city space from 3 June to 30 July 2017

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Read the Curatorial Statement from the catalog The Garden - End of Times, the Beginning of Times by Erlend G. Høyersten, director at ARoS

The Present takes place in selected areas in Aarhus city space. Here a number of artworks will act as artistic hot spots around the city. Among other things, the area around O Space (Mindet 6) and the industrial port will serve as the central point for the exhibition, as well as the bar Shen Mao, Natural History Museum, Mindeparken and not least ARoS, will house a number of surprising meetings. 

Several different factors have meant that cities around the world have experienced an accelerating development. Information technologies and the rapid development of the global market have made previously isolated parts of the world part of the global development. This new global situation can best be described as massive demographic change with immigration and a global circulation of capital and culture that has not previously been possible to imagine.

The works in The Present have in common that they investigate how we relate to this situation and, in consequence, to nature today, and how nature can transform itself directly into art. The exhibition will include works by Cyprien Gaillard, Ismar Cirkinagic, Elmgreen and Dragset, as well as Fujiko Nakaya.

The curatorial team from ARoS consists of Erlend G. Høyersten (Chief Executive Officer of the Triennial), Lise Pennington (Chief Inspector), Jakob Vengberg Sevel (curator), Marie Nipper (external curator), Anne Mette Thomsen (Exhibition Coordinator) and Ellen Drude Skeel Langvold Exhibition coordinator).

Skærmbillede 2017-06-01 Kl . 12.50.00

Livestream from Doug Aitkens The Garden 

In Doug Aitkens The Garden on Østhavnsvej 6, you can at specific times (click here for boooking) let your self loose with a baseball bat in a designated room inside the art work. As part of the installation you can follow all activity live via this link.

Rune Bosse, Tempus Circularis. Fagus Sylvatica (Tiden Er Cirkulør. Almindelig Bøg ), 2015-16

Rune Bosse, Tempus Circularis. Fagus Sylvatica (Tiden Er Cirkulær. Almindelig Bøg ), 2015-16 

Elmgreen & Dragset,Powerless Structures, fig .55, Cruising Pavillion, 1998. Courtesy the artists and Galleri Nicolai Wallner

Elmgreen & Dragset, Powerless Structures, fig .55, Cruising Pavillion, 1998. Courtesy the artists and Galleri Nicolai Wallnerg

The ARoS Triennial 2017 consists of 3 exhibitions:

THE GARDEN – End of Times; Beginning of Times is supported by Aarhus 2017.

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